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What is Cresocoin (CRC)?

Cresocoin (CRC) is a decentralized peering electronic payment system with an open source supported around the world.

The system uses digital currency Cresocoin, which is also called cryptocurrency.

This is the new generation of cryptocurrency (this is not a fork of bitcoin).


Business tool

Instant anonymous payments.
Management of the purse at any point on the Internet.

Advanced Support

Full support for all users free of charge.

Network Development

The reliability of the network development Cresocoin guaranteed by the principle of distribution blocks.

We connect antiquity and modernity

Croesus was the king of Lydia who ruled in 560-546 years BC. According to legend Croesus is one of the first who started to coin money, setting the standard for purity of the metal (98% gold or silver) and royal stamp printed on the front side (the head of a lion and a bull). Croesus was known in the ancient world as a fabulously rich man. And we received a proverb "rich as Croesus".